The Speaking Track

public speaking in action

We are public speaking junkies. We eat, sleep and breathe public speaking. Breathing is really important by the way. You oughta try it the next time you get on stage. Anyway, we are gamely represented by our president and head coach, Michael Neuendorff, who used to be a nervous wreck in front of a group.

You know those work meetings where everyone sits around a table and introduces themselves? Michael had a really hard time with just doing that. In 1998 he got a new job at a big, global company that would require lots of those kinds of meetings. Worse, after the introductions were over he’d have to LEAD the meeting.

Mortified by the prospect of leading meetings and making presentations regularly he sought out help. He went to Dale Carnegie and had a breakthrough. He stopped being a nervous wreck and actually started to enjoy presenting a teeny bit.

After that Michael went to Toastmasters for 5 years. Then, he took multiple focused training sessions with Patricia Fripp, Steve Siebold, Craig Valentine and other big names in speaking. All told Michael has studied public speaking for the better part of 18 years. That’s commitment.

Michael’s also a working speaker who is in demand to present on a variety of topics for people in business. Thus, he’s always honing his craft to discover new techniques and ways of improvement that he can bring to his classes and 1 on 1 clients.