Is it okay if I toot my horn for a little bit? We all should do this once in a while, right? I had the honor of presenting a seminar and workshop in Quito, Ecuador of all places. It was in connection with my other business – The Growth Coach. I gave a presentation entitled Habits of Highly Effective Business Owners to about 120 local business people. Since I don’t speak Spanish fluently I worked with a simultaneous translator to deliver the content.
A key takeaway from this presentation: It’s super important to speak clearly and at a reasonable pace. An audience member said I was really easy to understand, which I was gratified to hear. I believe that this was one of the reasons I was selected to be the featured speaker because I am able to do this naturally. Anyway, it was a fun trip and a highlight for the year. If you’d like to read more on this story, see my blog for The Growth Coach.

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Michael Neuendorff is a versatile coach, consultant, trainer and speaker. He works with businesses and individuals in the areas of online marketing and public speaking. His marketing specialties are social media and email marketing. He’s a HootSuite Professional. He holds an Advertising degree from Arizona State University.