Allen Wrench ToolBeing in the speaking and training industry, we have uncovered a variety of great resources to help speakers do their jobs even better. Here is our recommended list of items that have all been thoroughly vetted by us prior to landing on this list. Follow the link to find the product and fuller description on

World Class Speaking Coach Certification – This is not a product. Rather it’s a way to get certified as a World Class Speaking Coach. Our Head Coach is World Class certified and you can be, too, if you already have a background in public speaking. This certification isn’t recommended for beginning speakers. It’s also ideal for those who want to make a business out of speaking.

The Logitech Presenter – You need to have a wireless remote to manipulate your slides. This one does an excellent job with plenty of range, a brighter green laser, an on-board timer, and the USB portion fits in to the remote itself. Pretty nifty.

The portable PA system – People have asked us about our portable PA system more than any other resource. If you regularly speak to groups of 25 or more and don’t have one of these as a back-up you need to get one. It’s reasonable and does a good job.

The bullhorn – Just what you think it is. Cheap and does the job when needed to settle down a group that won’t stop after an exercise.

The chimes to get attention after a break – If you’d like to be more elegant, then you’d choose this over the bullhorn.

The portable screen – Another essential for the traveling speaker. This is only suitable for small rooms, not auditoriums.