We do speak well (according to others)

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Over the years we’ve accumulated a few testimonials regarding our presentations, classes, consulting and coaching. Here are a few for your perusal.
If you’d like an actual reference to a past client, reach out and let us know. We have several existing and past clients who would be happy to speak with you.

“In a career spanning 40 years with some of the world’s largest tech brands (IBM, Xerox, Apple, HP) I’ve benefited from many presentation and sales training courses. After retirement, I transitioned to a new career in consultancy and philanthropy projects.

This past year I had the opportunity to assist in the launch of a new global product; advise prominent international brands on Silicon Valley marketing techniques; and promote a major new philanthropic project.

In this context, over the past year, I have worked with Michael on 3 big presentations of varying complexity and length. Although I’ve been addressing audiences on behalf of major corporations for years, I felt the need to update my communication skills and message delivery targeted at vastly different audiences than in the past. I have come to appreciate Michael’s perspective and insight as to how certain adjustments to content and delivery style can make a pronounced difference and impact. I’ve especially benefited from his ability to help craft a strong close that ties it all together beautifully for the audience.

I’m very fortunate to have found the right expert speech coach I can turn to when preparing for significant speeches and presentations.”

Satjiv S. Chahil, Global Marketing & Innovations Advisor
Palo Alto, California, USA

Thank you for a fantastic presentation yesterday! Once again, you knocked it out of the park and I have several takeaways from the workshop.

– Jennifer Davis Cox, Sacramento Business Journal

I hired Michael as my speech coach and was very impressed with his ability to grasp the technical aspects of my presentation. With that understanding he helped me to transform a boring technical presentation into a lively one that anyone could understand. The opening and closing statements Michael helped me to create made a huge impact on the audience. After my presentation, I was able to attract a tier one partner to work with my company, and I was invited to present at other reputable conferences. I could not have obtained these great results without Michael’s help. – Silicon Valley Engineer

Excellent content. Great value for my investment, time and money. – Nancy K.

Thank you for a great course. Engaging, clear, concise and fun. Good stuff I plan to put in motion ASAP. 

– Christine R.

Fantastic discussion, extremely well developed content that will help me immediately reach my customers.

– Raymond B.

“My team was definitely nervous going into our half-day training with Michael about on presentation skills, but they left super excited. They enjoyed Michael’s approachable style and sense of humor. They also felt like he mixed enough activities into the agenda that they didn’t feel like they were sitting still for 3 hours. Most importantly to me, they walked away with a bunch of concrete practical things to try and I feel confident that they will actually try them.

I asked my team for feedback after the training. Their only complaint was a good one- they wished they had more time with Michael. When asked how useful the training was, my team rated the training a 1.8 on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being incredibly useful.” – Meg Gray, Associate Manager, Field Support, Kiva.org 

“I engaged Michael to help me with the delivery of an important speech. I hadn’t given many presentations at that point, and the thought of standing in front of 800 people was giving me cold sweats. A week before the speech I realized I needed to hire a coach. I found Michael, he was very adaptable and flexible, willing to work around my work schedule. He made himself available and we met for a total of 4 hours that week. My speaking skills improved by 1000%, and I was able to deliver a perfect speech without having to look at my notes and feeling confident on stage. I am lucky I was able to work with Michael.” – Elena, San Francisco.

I wanted to thank you very much for taking your precious time to come and talk to NAPO-SFBA. Your presentation was enjoyed by all – it is very difficult to find speakers that have valuable information that works for everybody – both new and seasoned organizers. Your presentation worked for everybody in the room (especially me :) . There was so much value in what you covered. – Julie Elliot, Elliot and Company, Former National Association of Professional Organizers – San Francisco Bay Area Program Director

Michael was instrumental in helping me improve my public speaking skills.   After just a few one-hour personal coaching sessions, I had the confidence to deliver a speech to over 80 people.  For me this was an enormous achievement, given my complete lack of experience and absolute fear of public speaking.  In a very short period of time, I had the confidence and basic skills that I needed to succeed with this particular speaking engagement. Since that time, I have taken his public speaking workshop, and would highly recommend his services to anyone that wants to improve their marketing & communication skills.   Most importantly, he is an excellent teacher, and can help anyone improve their public speaking skills regardless of experience level.   Thank you, Michael! – Joel Avila, Hawkeye Photography

Michael and I worked together to deliver several joint seminars to hundreds of small business attendees. Michael is an excellent presenter and educator. He offered the audience real, practical advice that they could take home and implement immediately. – Stu Carty

Dynamic, engaging speaker and presentation with valuable tips, tools, and trends and real-world examples that brought it all to life, all condensed into just a few hours. Great use of my time! – Candice C.

Great presentation, interesting live and helpful for my business. – Soltys

Excellent speaker, knowledgeable, engaging. – Lilly G.

Concise. Interesting. Learned a lot. Great value for money. – Erika S.

Very well-rounded and informational presentation. – Spencer S.