Two Solid Ways to Improve Every Presentation You Give


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Giving presentations is an important part of one’s business career.

Most people have had little to no training in public speaking. They simply get better just by dint of practicing in real time.

I truly believe this is the best way to get over nervousness, develop a sense of what moves an audience and learn to appreciate the power of the spoken word.

With that said I still think everyone, children and adults can benefit from getting trained in the art of public speaking.

Two Proven Ways To Improve Every Single Presentation

There are techniques and tricks you just won’t learn on your own. One mistake that’s made every day by speakers around the world is to not understand the importance of the bookends of their speech.

In this short video I explain two proven ways to improve every single presentation you ever give by focusing on these crucial portions.


Now you know that you don’t have to open a talk by talking about how you were almost late, what a great introduction that was, or how happy you are to be there.

You’re also aware that simply saying, “Thank you” at the end isn’t going to cut it if you really want to make an impact.

Now it’s important that you understand that these opening and closing ideas aren’t just for public presentations.

They are just as valid and useful for presentations made within companies.

Stop getting off on the wrong foot and grab your audience the next time you have to stand and deliver.

If you want to expert help on presenting, check out How to Become A Better Speaker in 90 Days.

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